Introduction to functions for emulsification, blending, cutting, etc.

Cutting and shearing crush and grind down particles of solid materials, blending materials which have different properties, and emulsification mixes liquids which do not blend with each other. In the manufacturing processes of a variety of industries such as food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, improvements in processing speed and the retention of product quality are demanded. AICOH cutter mixers use high-speed rotating blades to improve work efficiency by providing instant and high-performance emulsification, blending, and cutting of raw materials.


Cheesecake emulsification


Emulsification is the process of mixing liquids which do not blend with each other in order to disperse them uniformly into each other. Our products realize emulsification according to the properties of the materials, and they retain the high level of product quality demanded in food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Cheesecake emulsificationFlat bladeslow-speed 2min

Cheesecake emulsification


Toothpaste blending


Blending and mixing is the process of mixing materials having different properties and transforming them into a uniform substance. AICOH cutter mixers provide uniform finished products through the blending and mixing processes. They can also blend raw materials in which organic solvents are contained and perform blending while heating and cooling the materials.

Dressing blendingSaw bladeslow-speed 2min

Dressing agitation


Vegetables cutting


In cutting and grinding particles of solids, it is possible to expand the surface area, increase the solution velocity, and separate the components of the solids. The blade, since it rotates at a high speed, provides quick processing of a variety of raw materials.

Tuna cuttingFlat bladeslow-speed 5min

Tuna crushing