Creative Aicoh Products


Products Vertical Mixer
Model “MIGHTY S Series”

Products AICOH Whipping Mixer
Model “AWM Series”

Products Stainless Steel Mixer
Model “ASM Series”

Products Continuous Mixer
Model “TARBO-MIX Series”

Products Continuous Mixer
Model “TARBO-WHIP Series”

Products Flour Blending Mixer
Model “Folder Mix”

Products High Speed Cutter-Mixer
Model  “Cutter-Mixer Series”

Products Fermenting Machine
Model “LEVAIN Series”

Products Dough Moulder
Model “Moulder”


Business contents​

Manufacturing, import, and sales of food machinery
Manufacturing, import, and sales of bakery, confectionery machinery, and chemical mixer
Opening support solution services

Company Outline

Company name



Hiromitsu Ushikubo


February 23 , 1948 (as a joint-stock company)


10 million yen(authorized capital 20 million yen)

Aicoh Group

Aicoh International Co., Ltd./ Sankyo Mfg Co., Ltd./ Thai AICOH Co.,Ltd.


Head Office

Annex of CAP showroom at head office.

“CAP” is short for Creative Aicoh Plaza.It is a multi-purpose hall established to create opportunities for exchange between persons involved in food culture and create opportunities for bringing about new technologies. It is equipped with testing rooms, various types of libraries, and AV equipment. It is used for hosting seminars related to product development, research, food production and confectionery-and-bread production technologies and management, and for practical courses, research report seminars, and the like.

Creative Aicoh Plaza

Test rooms

We annexed a testing room for food products and a testing room for chemical products.


No.2-23-1, Shimotoda, Toda-shi, Saitama, 335-0011, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)48-441-3366 FAX:+81-(0)48-446-0645

Branch Offices

The showroom facilities office allows visitors to see actual Aicoh products and is equipped with facilities for product development, testing, small seminars, and workshops.

Sapporo office
No.2-3-11, Satozukanijo, Kiyota, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 004-0802, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)11-882-8840 FAX:+81-(0)11-882-8841


Sendai office ※Showroom facilities office

No.7-3-5, Masuda, Natori-shi, Miyagi, 981-1224, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)22-381-0127 FAX:+81-(0)22-382-7783


Kanagawa office

No.3-6-44, Kashimada, Saiwai, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 212-0058, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)44-540-3230 FAX:+81-(0)44-540-3231


Nagoya office ※Showroom facilities office

No.2-334, Kanaya, Moriyama, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 463-0072, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)52-792-8991 FAX:+81-(0)52-792-8992


Osaka office ※Showroom facilities office

No.4-2-2, Kikawahigashi, Yodogawa, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 532-0012, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)6-6390-3900 FAX:+81-(0)6-6390-3901


Fukuoka office ※Showroom facilities office

No.4-5-3, Konakabaru, Kasuya-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka, 811-2315, Japan
TEL:+81-(0)92-939-7455 FAX:+81-(0)92-939-7456


Thai AICOH Co., Ltd. ※Showroom facilities office

90/125 Moo 15 Plex Bangna, Bang Kaew, Bang Plee, Samut Prakarn 10540



Established Ushikubo Iron works as a private company of Heisaku Ushikubo.


Established Ushikubo Iron works Co., Ltd. (President Heisaku Ushikubo,Capital 190,000 yen).
Developed the first ice sherbet machine “Hakutsuru”.


Changed the company name to “Aicohsha Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”.
Started the production of vertical mixers for bakery & confectionery market.


Established Ushikubo Casting Co., Ltd.Established Koyo Mfg Co., Ltd.
Released “AM SERIES”.


Completed the main factory. Established the overseas department. Increased capital to 10,000,000 yen.
Concluded the exclusive agency agreement with KENWOOD,the United Kingdom.
Developed “MIGHTY 25”,a vertical mixer with planetary mixing system,having a built-in motor.
Organized “Aicoh-Kai”,the association of our dealers.
Heisaku Ushikubo as President and Representative Director, and was appointed Chairman of the Board.
Keiji Ushikubo was installed as President. Estabilshed Kanagawa branch.
Completed Kasukabe factory. Introduced computer system.
Held 30 years celebration celemony.Introduced NC-machines.


Established Fukuoka branch. Introduced machining centre. Established
Osaka branch. Concluded the exclusive agency agreement with KARL
SCHMIDT GmbH,Germany. Concluded the exclusive agency agreement with
BOKU Maschinenfabrik GmbH,Germany. Completed head office buliding


Released “SUPER TWIN”, a twin mixer for confectionery.
Released “FOLDER MIX”, a mixer for flour blending.
Concluded the exclusive agency agreement with MIWE Michael Wenz GmbH,Germany.
Released “A・S・B SERIES”, a convection oven that produced a new baking system.
Released “FERMENT”, a fermenting machines for the first time in Japan.
Released deck oven.
Estabilshed Sapporo branch.
Released “LEVAIN 30”, a natural leaven & natural yeast fermenting machines.
Released new “MIGHTY 50”, “MIGHTY 60”, a vertical mixer.
Held 50 years celebration celemony. Established Sendai branch.


Released “ACM 0.8 SERIES” a high performance special mixer capable of rotating and revolving.
Released “MIGHTY H SERIES”, a vertical mixer with safety guard.
Took over the food processing machinery division of Niigata Plant ServiceCo., Ltd.
Established Nagoya branch. Released “LADY CHEF” , a desktop type kneader.
Released ultrasonic product lineup for small stores. Released “ASM SERIES”, a all stainless mixer.
Expanded the showroom of the head office.
Released “MIGHTY STAINLESS SERIES”, a sanitary, and HACCP responsible multi-purpose vertical mixer.
Released “WENZ1919”, a reprinted ovens of 1919.
Released “CUBE・AIR / STONE”, a convection oven and deck oven.
Released “STAINLESS LONG TYPE “, a safe, simple and multi-purpose vertical mixer.


Released “AICOH WHIPPING MIXER”, a safe, secure, sanitary, and washable stainless-steel mixer.
Released “AICOH SPIRAL MIXER” for baking bread. Held First Aicoh fair.


Released “MIGHTY S 30”, a multi-purpose vertical mixer. Created “MIGHTY S SERIES”.


Released “LEVAIN 100” and “LEVAIN 260” a large natural leaven & natural yeast fermenting machines.


Keiji Ushikubo resigned as President and Representative Director, and was appointed Chairman of the Board.
Hiromitsu Ushikubo was installed as president.


Established Thai AICOH Co.,Ltd.