Fermenting Machine “LEVAIN Series”

自然発酵種発酵機 ルバン

Fermenting Machine “LEVAIN Series”

Levain 30・60・100・260

AICOH products are playing active roles in all the processes for bread baking, including leaven raising and up to baking.

Natural Leaven & Natural Yeast Fermenting Machines
[Levain LV-30 • LV-60 • LV-100 • LV-260]


Even if there is a desire for baking with natural leaven such bread as having the moist state maintained for a long time as well as having good flavor and fragrance, it has been a time-consuming work and difficult to be commercialized.


It is this machine that solves the above problems, in which temperature, time and mixing are automatically controlled. Production of yeast, which is difficult but automatically controlled, can now be performed by any worker.

The machine plays a significantly active role in production of hard products, as a matter of course, bread and buns.