Stainless Steel Mixer “ASM Series”


Stainless Steel Mixer “ASM Series”

Stainless Steel Head Elevating Mixer
[Stainless Steel Mixer ASM-60SH • ASM-90SH • ASM-120SH • ASM-220SH]
[Stainless Steel Super Twin ASM-90STH]
A Head Lifting up/down Mixer having a design placing an importance on working efficiency and sanitation is optimal for use in HACCP plants.


Because of the type for lifting up/down its head, the mixer is characterized in that the position of the bowl is low and it is easy to confirm a state of product in the bowl during mixing.


With a “learning function” enabling inputting a mixing process (program) for every product, operation can be compiled in a manual and automated ( possible to set 15 different processes and 30 kinds in a graphic panel,1 process in a V panel).


In a twin-axle type, reduced preparation time, reduced working space, labor-savings and reduced number of operators can be achieved. It is optimal for use in plants because of the stainless steel-made structure placing an importance on sanitation.


Power Supply: 3-Phase
Mixing Motor:3.7kW
Lifting Motor:0.4kW
Main Body Weight:760kgApprox.
Full Bowl Capacity:90L