Introduction to the superior characteristics and special specifications.

AICOH cutter mixers provide the most rational and economic processing of materials. Furthermore, there are few changes to raw materials over the course of time, so these cutter mixers can produce high-quality products. In addition to the food processing industry, cutter mixers are widely used in a variety of areas, from confectionery production/bakeries and hotels, restaurants to chemical industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and the ways in which they can be used hold endless possibilities.



All models are designed and manufactured by own company, so you can use them with confidence.



The bowl, cover, and metal parts in the container are made of stainless steel. In custom orders, we can manufacture products which have the motor cover in stainless steel. Rubber and plastic components comply with the Food Sanitation Act. Also, the cover packing can be removed without tools for washing, so it can always be clean when you use the cutter mixer.

More Safety

More Safety

The cover is equipped with a opening/closing detection sensor. Operation is gently stopped when the cover is opened. Also, a PATLITE light turns on to indicate that the mixer is currently operating (except in AC-25S、AC-25D、AC-50S)


The blade and skipper

The blade inside the container rotate at high speeds, completing processing within seconds. Blades can be selected according to the materials.

Stainless-steel Blades

・Flat blades
・Saw blades( (Option)
・Angled blades (Option)

Skipper (Option)

Coaxial rotation with the blade improves dispersion of the materials.

The direction of the blade can be changed.

When the blade is set downward

When the blade is set downward

The convection current moves toward the center from the outside of the bowl. This is the direction for cutting, blending, and emulsification.

When the blade is set upward

When the blade is set upward

The convention current moves from the center of the bowl to the outside. This is optimal for powders and high-mass materials.


Baffles with wipers

The rotating baffle can help mix ingredients evenly and prevent ingredients from sticking to the bowl and cover. This drastically improves the convective effect and mixing efficiency.

Control panel

Control panel

All devices are equipped with a low-speed/high-speed interlocked digital timer. It drastically increases work efficiency during operation.

Superior characteristics

The blade holder

The blade holder is designed to fit into the motor shaft directly, which maximizes rotation performance and torque.

powerful crushing and blending

Adopting a pole change motor with a constant torque provides powerful cutting and blending with steady rotations.

invertible bowl

All our products have invertible bowl, so materials can be easily removed and discharged, allowing workers to quickly transition to the next work process.

rubber oil seals

A variety of seals according to physical properties of materials,can be installed. Fluororesin oil seals optimal for powder materials, water circulation mechanical seals, and the like are provided. In particular, mechanical seals maintain a constant temperature by suppressing friction heat at the seal portion, so they allow our products to process protein-based materials. They are heat resistant, and they can sufficiently withstand vacuums and pressurization.

Special specifications



Connecting a vacuum pump makes it possible to process materials with a vacuum in the bowl, thereby preventing the creation of air bubbles in and the oxidation and degradation of materials.


Jacket-type structure

The two-layered bowl, which makes mixing cold water, hot water, and steam in the jacket more efficient, creates optimum mixing conditions. Additionally, this mixer provides excellent cooling of fishery product processing because the steam can be injected directly into the bowl.